William B. Earle

Bill Earle has almost 40 years of experience in project management with long term tenures in four completely different industries. These include records management/document preservation and retrieval and data entry, advertising, ophthalmology, and publishing.

Throughout the 1980s, Bill designed and managed multiple shifts for source document and computer output on microfilm and data entry service centers throughout the Great Lakes. He managed daily operations, programming of new accounts, and provided daily customer support for hundreds of clients.

During most of the 1990s, Bill gained experience in all aspects of broadcast production including writing, producing, camera techniques, and directing. He was solely responsible for the creation, writing, shooting, and directing of 5-10 local television commercials every week.

He moved from broadcasting to managing capture, retrieval, and editing of surgical procedures for up to eighty (80) cataract surgery operations daily in multiple surgical suites by the world’s foremost cataract surgeon, Dr. James P. Gills in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Bill also produced award-winning PowerPoint presentations for Dr. Gills used in talks and presentations all over the world, as well as wrote and directed Dr. Gills’ television and radio spots.

Since 2007, Bill has been the director for all project management at Accurance, with direct involvement in sales and advertising, customer service, technical development, and day-to-day operations management for multiple centers around the world.

Bill has written or is writing some dozen screenplays and novels and is an accomplished self-published author himself. He is a widower who counts writing and reading as his two favorite pastimes. He lives in Florida with a teenage daughter; he has two sons in college, both with goals of being authors or screenwriters.