What Does It Take to Join the Revolution?

Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to get your book published? To be successful as an author, you need help creating a professional book and getting that book into stores.

To get this help, you need to work with a publisher who has the experience required to do everything that needs to be done. It’s what we do and we do it in a way that has never been done before.

It’s Our Revolution … It’s Your Revolution

What our Elm Hill authors are doing has never been done before. If you are one of them, you are no longer on the outside looking in.

Virtually every self-published author we know struggles to get their titles into bookstores. They have limited knowledge of how “The Big Five,” as they’re called, sell, promote, and market their authors’ books so successfully. They don’t know what their role needs to be as an author partnering with their publisher to produce all that success in sales. They want to know how to do it and they want to know what they need to do to succeed, but they can’t even get through the front door to have the conversation, much less be welcomed in and asked to “sit down and make yourself at home.”

Those Days are over. You’re now inside.

Making a book successful requires work by both the author and the publisher, make no mistake about it. We’re ready to provide you with more help and information than any self-published author has received from a major publisher including the marketing tactics and best practices that make up the seemingly secret roadmap. Success will require you rolling up your sleeves too, however. Every bestselling author works extremely hard on crafting and marketing their book. Successful book publishing involves hard work from both of us.

  • We will read your manuscript from front to back to help identify copyright problems, legal problems, conflicts with any individual, and to make sure the content conforms to our other Editorial Standards including alignment with the theological standards that will help the book be accepted by Christian bookstores.
  • Most of the packages we’ve built for you involve “Manuscript Editing” to help create a professional book, the kind that would cost you $10/page from a pro outside our system.
  • If you are serious about accepting our help on every aspect of your project, then you’ll be working next directly with our Creative Director to capture your vision for your book cover, and we’ll then produce three different covers based on that vision. More than half the packages at your disposal involve working directly with our Creative Director, and most of the others still give you three covers where our Creative Director works only behind the scenes.
  • We’ll format the pages of your book to the highest professional level, and we’ll then convert it for ebooks based on the package you’ve selected.
  • Some of the packages include us developing a website for your book so you can sell books through it (among several other places).
  • We will register your work with the U.S. Copyright office and get your title listed in the Library of Congress.
  • For most of the packages, we’ll be designing and printing custom business cards, bookmarks, and postcards for you to use in your marketing efforts.
  • For some of our authors, we’ll produce a promotional “teaser” video too.

Now let’s get to the “you are no longer on the outside looking in” part:

  • The first thing we’ll do is get started on your press release.
  • Next, your title will be added to the huge array of distribution and retailer networks in the HarperCollins Christian Publishing system.
  • All titles will be available to all HarperCollins Christian Publishing accounts in the United States.
  • Most of the packages add some significant exposure and sales monitoring with the strongest titles being considered for acquisition by Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.
  • Information on the strongest titles is also distributed to select literary agents who focus on the Christian book space.
  • In most packages, your title will be featured in HarperCollins Christian Publishing catalog on Edelweiss (the primary tool used by book retailers for information on upcoming books).
  • In most packages, your title will be available on HarperCollins Christian Publishing’s consumer sales site FaithGateway.
  • In most packages, your title will be available on HCCP’s online church sales site ChurchSource.
  • In half the packages, your title will benefit from being sold to bookstores by HCCP sales professionals.

Professional Certified Author (PCA)

In half the packages, you will receive an entire year of access to all courses in the Professional Certified Author curriculum with an opportunity to earn PCA designation by passing required courses.

International Availability, Top World Retailers for Book Recommendations in the Christian Industry

If you select one of the top two packages:

  • Your title will be available from HCCP for export to English markets worldwide
  • Your title will be available from HCCP for international licensing for languages other than English
  • Your title will be listed on Goodreads (the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations)
  • Your title will be listed on ChristianRetailing.com (site for trade magazine covering the Christian retail industry)

Prelaunch Campaign

If you select the top package, you are going to enjoy the “ inside of the inside ”:

  • You will have a prelaunch campaign with 60-day exclusive selling window for independent and Christian bookstores in one Metropolitan Market of your choice in the United States
  • You’ll receive your prelaunch marketing playbook explaining how to run your part of the prelaunch campaign including:
    • How to develop a street team and get them to take action to drive potential readers into stores
    • How to distribute ARCs to generate reviews
    • How to work with local stores, groups, and media to drive traffic and sales

Our vision for Elm Hill is to open the doors, teach the methods, reveal the secrets, and make available much of what has only been available to our traditionally published authors. Why are we doing it? Because we succeed when you succeed. Our mission is to empower authors to inspire the world. To inspire the world, we need to help publish great books that sell as many copies as possible. We are looking for you to:

  • Learn all you can learn about your part, about “what works” in a partnership with a major publisher, through the Professional Certified Author classes.
  • Demonstrate your determination through strong, consistent implementation of the variety of marketing tactics you learned in the PCA classes.
  • Demonstrate that your combination of good writing and consistent marketing effort generates strong sales. If your local sales are strong enough and we can see your success in your PCA classes and in your efforts to market, then you can be one of those we take up to sales at a regional level rather than just one Metropolitan Area. If the same thing happens at the regional level to enough of a degree, we will take it national. If things are looking good nationally, then you will be one of our top candidates for acquisition by Thomas Nelson or Zondervan.

As you can see, Elm Hill is providing an unprecedented opportunity. Capitalizing on this opportunity will require an unprecedented amount of effort on your part just as it does on the part of each of our traditionally published authors.

We are committed to working hard to fulfill “Our Part.” We hope you are too, because Elm Hill is built on strong writing, hard work, and consistent implementation of the best practices that generate best sellers.

There is no more “on the outside looking in” around here.