The Revolution: What Is It?

A revolution typically refers to a drastic action or a dramatic change. Our team could not think of a more appropriate way to describe the publishing opportunities offered through Elm Hill. HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Accurance want authors to experience many of the perks that come with being a published author — sales, marketing, promotion, and distribution assistance.

Elm Hill is the first imprint in the book publishing industry to change the outside-looking-in perspective experienced by self-published authors. The Elm Hill revolution offers the foot-in-the-door opportunities many authors have been waiting for.

At Elm Hill, authors will have access to self-publishing services offered through six different publishing packages, each building upon the previous tier. These packages are strategically structured for authors who are at varying points on their publishing journey. All Elm Hill packages include outstanding professional publishing services, and the higher level packages provide access to marketing, promotion, and distribution tools similar to those offered to authors on a more traditional publishing path.

While Elm Hill is a self-publishing imprint, its tiers of services are designed for a range of individuals, from those who are publishing for the first time to seasoned authors who are ready to leverage all the Elm Hill assets to make their next book a success.