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The Bug Dragon Project

by Suzie Taylor

When Ben discovers a bug dragon in his back yard he shares the news with his best friend Alf and together they form the ‘Bug dragon Undercover Research Project’. (B.U.R.P)

Little do they realise that they too are under surveillance. The bug dragons have intentions of their own that are not quite so harmless!

Ben’s sister Emily and her friend Nadia also become involved, and together they embark on an expedition to determine where these mysterious creatures are coming from. Hidden within the forest they discover the ruins of a fairy city and the wondrous cavern of the bug dragons’ home. As they are drawn into this magical realm they begin to realise the dangerous forces that threaten the bug dragons, and find themselves caught up in an extraordinary and unexpected adventure.

About the Author

So you want to meet the person behind Fairy Foals and Bug Dragons! Well here I am, sitting outside the Art Cubby on a nice spring afternoon as photographed by my 19 year old daughter. I also have a son who is 21 and a lovely husband of 27 years. I mean that we’ve been married 27 years, not that he’s 27!

I was born and raised in Sydney Australia, spent my teens in the UK and am now living in the suburbs of Perth Western Australia. I am a Christian and regularly attend a local bible study group and love listening to online teaching as I paint.

My first book, ‘Fairy Foals’ was a picture book published back in 2006 in Australia, the USA and some areas of Europe under the pseudonym ‘Suzanah.’ Since then I have dabbled in a great many things including costuming, painting, playing the rebec (look it up!) and working in a fabric store. Our family belongs to a Medieval re-enactment group and regularly enjoy armoured tournaments, blacksmithing, silk banner painting and more.

Over the years the world that was the magical garden of Fairy Foals, has developed into a much larger concept. I now have a full on adventure saga in my head which begins with the novel “The Bug Dragon Project.”