Sales Promotion Month of September 2017 (Promo Ended)

Elm Hill is offering an incentive for Elm Hill prospective authors to become Elm Hill authors if they start in September 2017. This incentive — offered with two options authors can pick from — will be, in many cases, of a monetary value greater than the entire price of the package purchased, so this will only be offered to the first ten authors that say “yes”. We don’t expect that will take long.

Anyone that has worked with self-publishing authors for any significant amount of time knows that virtually all of them want to be published traditionally. Short of that, virtually all of them want to know what to do to mimic what the big guys and their authors do to sell their books. The median number of books sold per title in the traditionally published world is 27,480 books — in the self-published world, it’s 51.

Then along came Elm Hill with a certified game-changer — the Professional Certified Author program, or the PCA classes. PCA opens the door that has never been opened before for the self-publishing author, and shows them — in fact, teaches them — what the HarperCollins Christian Publishing traditionally published authors are taught, as far as what the author should (and shouldn’t) do, how to do it, and what needs to be known so the author can do all on their part to maximize their book sales.

This, in some ways, is a ridiculous incentive in that its stand-alone cost is equal to or greater than the price of the entire package for the New Leaf authors it targets. If an Elm Hill author is serious about their marketing, and wants to take advantage of all the deep and broad Elm Hill distribution and other footprint services, but cannot afford the leap to Gold Leaf, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Pete Nikolai, the Director of Publishing Services at HCCP and the publisher of Elm Hill, has 25 years of experience in HCCP working with authors and in all aspects of book development and marketing. Elm Hill will provide the author (open to both New Leaf and Gold Leaf) an HCCP Marketing Plan template, a form of which is used in HCCP projects. This template will serve as a form for the author to fill out and state their own marketing plan in total. If the completed marketing plan is submitted within the first 30 days after all the required book project start-up documents have been completed and submitted to Elm Hill, Mr. Nikolai will also review it and offer changes, suggestions, additions, deletions, and, in general, guidance to optimize the marketing plan for success.

Submission Requirements:

All necessary documents (except for the manuscript if it’s not ready yet)

Payments for either option must be settled and submitted by 11:59pm EST September 30, 2017.

Who is qualified?

Any Elm Hill prospect author (of course, the PCA is already available in all Gold Leaf packages, so the Marketing Plan is the right choice for Gold Leaf authors).

Time the complimentary service is available:

The PCA class must be completed within 6 months of purchase date. After that, it will no longer be available to use and no credit for that loss will be due. The Marketing Plan must be submitted in one month or less from the time the project becomes active (all documents have been submitted), in order for a review and feedback from Mr. Nikolai to be part of the promotion. After that, his review will no longer be available.

Your Choice:

You can choose between the Marketing Plan and Professional Certified Author Curriculum.


We are offering this incentive to 10 authors only in September. Once we have 10 authors onboard, the promotion offer ends.