Elm Hill’s top priority is treating every author with respect and kindness, from the first meeting to the final publication of a manuscript to the payment of royalties and every other interaction. Operating with complete integrity is our commitment, and we know that this philosophy is integral in forming an impactful relationship with our authors.

Manuscripts are a life’s work, and each author is entrusting that Elm Hill will deliver what we promise — a professionally developed book with the potential to gain sales and distribution both nationally and internationally.

To hold Elm Hill accountable to its commitment of integrity, general managers Pete Nikolai and Jon Fitch will provide each Elm Hill author with their contact information. Account managers will also walk alongside each author to ensure that every manuscript is given the careful attention it deserves throughout each step of the publishing process. At Elm Hill, we take our responsibility as representatives of HarperCollins Christian Publishing very seriously, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure our authors are working with dedicated people who truly want to turn dreams into reality.